Pakistan Outdoor Advertising Portal – Adscanyon

Pakistan Outdoor Advertising Portal -  Adscanyon: Few months back, i was travelling home from university and the road was full of these billboards and other medias. I don’t know how it catched my attention but the idea pops in my mind, that is there any online marketplace for outdoor ads? When i reached home i did a little research and found nothing online which serves the outdoor advertising. I didn’t waste a second and started brainstorming my idea. As a software engineer, i started to work on collecting the requirements for the idea implementation. The requirements collection step was not that easy so i invited my two partners in crime to join me as Co-Founders. So now we were a team of three members all software engineers. They also loved the idea and we start implementing the idea. After two months of fun work we created the outdoor ads marketplace and we named it Adscanyon!

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