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Pakistan Outdoor Advertisment Portal – Adscanyon: When we were brainstorming the idea of adscanyon, our main mission was to remove the gap between the outdoor ads sellers and advertisers(ads buyers). At first it was pain when someone wants to advertise his product on the outdoor media, the classic solution was to visit the media/ad space and note the number and then call the owner or another solution was to find and meet advertising agencies and advertising the product with the help of them. In Pakistan although there are many advertising agencies but only few big players stand out among the others and it gives them the power to play by their own rules and the real hoarding owners are left with no choice but to take services of these big advertising agencies which then charge huge commissions up-to 30% of the success fee from the Hoarding owners and it doesn’t stop here as these Advertising agencies also rip big brands when designing their Advertising campaigns because they only buy hoardings on which these agencies can make good commissions hence resulting in low return on investment and brand awareness for their clients.


Well all the above was just to explain the scenario of advertising agencies and market in Pakistan, now it’s time to fix it. And here we have adscanyon.com, now you can book advertisinment space right from your smartphone.

Adscanyon App Link: Pakistan Outdoor Advertising Portal – Adscanyon

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